Friday, 13 October 2017

How Do You Cope With The Passing Of A Friend? How Do You Cope With Death Itself?

How do you cope with the passing of a friend? 
How do you cope with death itself?
You don't! 
You can't!
Because there is no coping with death
It is so final
So meaningless
So senseless
And so wasteful
That coping seems like a cop-out
You question
You query
And you question again
What is death?
Is it the passing of a life force that once was vibrant
And now silent and and inert?
Is death the final cessation?
You want to seize death by its throat
Squeeze the daylights out of it!
To remove and erase the last blot of Existence,
Its last failure and disgrace
And restore Existence's preeminence
That in Existence, there is no death
No cessation
Only eternity 
And life
That death is antithetical
And inconsistent
With Existence
Only life reigns,

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