Wednesday, 5 April 2017

If Only Humanity Spent Less Time On Religion

If humanity spend less time on religion and more time understanding, loving and caring for each other, the voice of the divine would come to the fore.

Religion forces the voice of the divine into the background. It forces the divine to speak through the agency of self-appointed, self-important intermediaries.

It obscures the voice of the divine and cheapens the intimate relationship between the divine and mankind.

It renders redemption to a bargain and the rest to interpretations.

What should be clear and unambiguous is made obscure and confounding.

What should be easy and light is made heavy and onerous.

So that you and I will forever be beholden to the middlemen and made to seem unworthy while they strut in the place of the divine and tell us that heaven is a privilege and hell reserved for you.

Ha, know not they the divine is laughing.                        

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