Sunday, 24 January 2016

We Are Like Flies, Only Worse

We are like flies
Subject to the same law of life and death
Needing food to live
And all the consequent, attendant struggles

Except worse,
We vainglory our wealth,
Our power and positions in life
And our so-called successes

We even vainglory our gods,
Whom none has seen, nor acquainted in truth
Fighting and killing each other, in their names
Deceiving no one, and mocking the divine

For an afterlife so-called promised,
That none can vouch, nor has experienced
But loudly gainsay,
On pain of death

Creating strife, hatred and mischief
Caring none for peace,
But claiming its preeminence
To no avail

Eventually all die, just like flies do
(However highly or lowly one's position in life)
One, in vain
The other simply

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