Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Evil That Men Doth Unto Men

Throughout history, despots, bigots, dictators, madmen and idiots have caused untold pain and suffering to their fellowmen all because of their insatiable greed and ego or in the name of their misguided faith.

The images coming out of Syria of painfully emaciated children and babies starving to death once again starkly remind us of the evil that men do unto their fellowmen.

The evil that men do unto their fellowmen returns to haunt us to only no avail.

Mankind continues to allow evil in their midst.

Our indifference, our belief that men are basically good mitigate against the battle against evil.

Men are not basically good - they are just basically base.

That might be taken as an insult to our collective ego - herein lies the problem.

If mankind cannot accept that they are basically base - not basically good - then we are not ever going to be able to confront evil squarely in its face.

Mankind only appear to be basically good - on the surface, a facade to deceive. Just scratch a little deeper and the shin is exposed.

And that 'a little deeper' often goes not much further than the sight and temptation of the lucre or the intoxicating prospect of unmitigated power in the hands.

Then all hell breaks lose and evil reigns.

And the divine be damned.

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