Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Is Religion Godly?

They say that man was created in the image of god.

In reality, man has created god in his own image for his own purpose.

Some religions are just more violent. Others are more laid back.

Whatever, religion as a whole has brought about more division and divisiveness to humanity, deaths and disputes and wasted a lot of time in useless discourses.

All adherents look to go to heaven. None of them talks about going to hell.

The latter is understandable, given that life on earth is a living, burning hell itself, aided and abetted by religion?

Heaven is nice because it is where you are allowed to do the things you aren't allowed to on earth - lazing around, playing on the harp or cavorting in rivers of wine and milk.

So, is religion godly?

You bet, as far as god in man's image is concerned.

Yea, "godly", indeed.

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