Thursday, 8 May 2014

God Must Have Regretted The Sixth Day Or Have We Banished God?

God must be regretting the Sixth Day when he created the mess of humanity who are now worshiping him by different names, dividing peoples, nations and families.

Not to forget the madcap mullahs would kill in his name to gain paradise.

And those down the ages who see lapidation and mutilation as mercies of the divine, making god out to be vengeful and more a monster than an ever loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving being.

God must have regretted it after he had created mankind on the Sixth Day, so that was probably why he rested on the Seventh Day and took eternal leave of mankind because he just didn't want to be bugged by his recalcitrant creation.

That is probably why you won't find god in the places of worship, or in the Himalayas.

Because we have all tried, going to the places of worship - and the Himalayas - and crying out and yet we can't find him.

He is not responding.

Or have we banished god by our recalcitrance and thick' headedness?

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