Thursday, 29 November 2012

Why Shouldn't You Be Happy?

It is funny that when we are enjoying ourselves or having a good time, we often feel guilty about it.

It is as if we believe that we are not entitled to be happy.

Why is this so?

Often, it is because of our belief that joy is an excess, a sin, and that salvation is the postponement to the hereafter.

But why should this be so?

The world is better off with joy than sorrow.

Sorrow is heavy. It drags everyone down and casts a pall over everything. How can this be divine?

Joy is uplifting. It uplifts the spirit, and spreads a smile on everyone's face.

Joy is a celebration.

So, let's celebrate and leave our belief to its sorrow.

Let's laugh and spread joy to the world!


  1. Replies
    1. Sad that that's how most of us feel when we are having a good time - we feel guilty! We should learn to take and enjoy the good things in life too, without feeling that we have to compensate or make up for them if not something bad would happen to us. I think religion has a lot to do with pushing this guilt complex.


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