Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Om - And It Is Not Ordinary Malaysian

Om is a one of the most fundamental sounds
If not The Fundamental One
It is primeval
Maybe the string scientists are searching for
Try chanting
Om, Om, Om,
Om, Om, Om...
If you chant it long enough and stretch the om sound
You will realise
That it is rounded
It circulates
Around and inside
Your body
It encompasses
And centers in and around your heart
It connects you
To what?
You are not going to become
Nobody has become enlightened
By chanting Om, Om, Om
Osho was right
He used to say
Om is not at home
How can it be
Your body is never the vessel Om resides

Maybe we should try another mantra
How about
Osama, Osama, Osama...
Who knows
If you chant Osama. Osama, Osama...
Often enough
Long enough
You might just find yourself
With 70 houris
And rivers of wine and milk
That you are denied now
No offence meant

Or how about Al Assad, Al Assad, Al Assad..
Don't you feel better already
At least you are still grounded on earth
And hell

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