Saturday, 23 June 2012

Now If You Meet Buddha On The Way...

Enjoying a steaming cuppa of Indocafe, Danone crackers at hand.
Uefa Euro 2012
Portugal goes to war with Czechoslovakia
22 men chasing after a 'guided' missile
One man in black chasing after the 22, flashing yellow and red
Two blind mice at the flanks
Another two near-sighted MIB at the goal lines
60,000 painted warriors at the stands
Young, old and babes-in arms
Shouting, screaming, yelling, urging, instigating, cursing, crying and moaning
In no particular order
Half the world watching
Half of these
Losing sleep
Losing job
Losing spouse/gf
Epic battles raging everywhere
The gods must be crazy
Or drunk
Over a ball and 22 men/boys chasing a ball
Now, if you meet buddha on the way...

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