Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Haze Is Here Again

It is that time of the year again that the dreaded haze makes its unwelcome return!

The air smells acrid and is thick with dust and smoke particulates.

Your throat is dry, sore and irritable. Your eyes smart. You can't breathe properly when you are outdoors. And you can't see too far ahead of you when you drive as visibility deteriorates.

What the haze problem has cost in terms of health and the economy is anybody's guess.

And there is always this helpless feeling that nothing much can or will be done to alleviate the problem.

There is a lack of political will or resolve across the board to try to solve or at less reduce the annual haze problem whether here in Malaysia or across in Indonesia, where the burning of forests to clear land for cultivation is the major culprit.

This, despite several agreements between the Asean partners to try to solve the annual headache.

There are a few things you can do to help reduce the the discomfort of the haze.

Drink more water and try to stay indoors if you can. Cut down on sporting activities outdoors. Close windows if the haze gets thick.

And for those who are susceptible to respiratory problems, maybe you should consider investing in air purifiers.

There are many models out there in the market.

One of the latest in the local market is the Hitachi air purifiers imported from Japan.

Hitachi EP-A6000
Hitachi Website Pic
According to the Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) website, one of the models is the EP-A7000 which comes in two colours - red and black. Or the smaller one EP-A6000 which also comes in two colours - red and white.

The EP-A7000 can work well in a room up to 50m2 or about 538 sq feet and the other for a room up to 46m2.

Both of these models come with heavy duty deodorising filter, have an eco-mode that saves 23% more energy compared to the silent mode, incorporate a humidifier and have a washable pre-filter.

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